West 84th Street Playground Reopens

Friday, Dec 2, 2016

The West 84th Street Playground reopened in November 2016 after a six month reconstruction effort.The playground was originally built in 1936 as part of the system of playgrounds constructed under Parks Commissioner Robert Moses in the marginal landscapes of the Park. The original playground featured equipment and activities typical of the era—including swings, slides, kinder (sand) tables, a water...

Adventure Playground

Friday, Dec 2, 2016

Adventure Playground reopened in November 2015 after a rehabilitation effort that addressed accessibility and safety in the playground while also highlighting its historic adventure style and its connection to the surrounding landscape. The original playground in this location was built in 1936 as part of the system of perimeter playgrounds constructed under Parks Commissioner Robert Moses. The playground was...

East 72nd Street Playground

Wednesday, Nov 18, 2015

The East 72nd Street Playground reopened in October of 2015 after a six-month long renovation. A playground in this location was created during the mid-1930s as part of the creation of a system of perimeter playgrounds. It was rebuilt in 1972 based on a design by architect Richard Dattner and was first renovated by CPC in 2001. The focus...

Wild West Playground

Friday, Oct 16, 2015

Wild West playground opened in August 2015. The project involved rebuilding and enhancing many of the features that were part of the western-themed playground designed by Richard Dattner in 1988, a complete overhaul of the playground’s infrastructure, and many improvements to the surrounding landscape. The playground was designed to evoke a frontier town and consists of four main play areas...

Ruth and Arthur Smadbeck Heckscher East Playground (East 79th Street Playground)

Friday, Oct 16, 2015

The playground adjacent to the Metropolitan Museum of Art at East 79th Street, also known as the Three Bears Playground, was reopened in September 2014. The pre-existing playground was an intimate space surrounded by plantings that contained small-scaled features popular with younger children. The new design responded to this scale and use and built on this integration with the Park....

Conservancy Reopens Two Newly Rebuilt Playgrounds this Summer

Wednesday, Dec 11, 2013

The Central Park Conservancy has recently rebuilt two playgrounds: the East 110th Street Playground, located near 110th Street and Fifth Ave and the Tarr-Coyne Tots Playground, located near 67th Street and Central Park West. These are the first playgrounds rebuilt as part of the campaign to rebuild or renovate all 21 playgrounds in Central Park. Located across from the Charles...

The Reconstruction of the East 79th Street Playground

Wednesday, Dec 11, 2013

The Conservancy’s Planning, Design and Construction team has developed plans to rebuild the East 79th Street Playground, just south of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Often referred to as “The Three Bears Playground” (after the bronze sculpture by Paul Manship that adorns a seating plaza at one of the playgrounds two entrances), it is one of the Park’s smaller playgrounds...

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