Northwest Corner

The area of the Park extending from West 97th Street to the northwestern boundary of the Park contains some of its most dramatic topography and beautiful landscapes. The Pool, a small, low-lying water body north of the West 100th Street entrance and surrounded by sloping lawns, is a popular spot for picnics and social play. At the eastern tip of the Pool is a cascade that marks the entrance to the Ravine, a woodland landscape often visited by school groups for nature education and exploration. The area includes the Great Hill, one of the highest points of the Park, which is a popular spot for unstructured recreation and family gatherings. The Children’s Glade, near the top of the hill, was recently designed to provide an intimate woodland setting for gatherings and public programs. At either end of this region are the Tarr Family Playground (at West 100th Street) and the West 110th Street Playground, both of which were recently reconstructed.