Summit Rock Landscape

Located at approximately West 83rd Street, Summit Rock is the highest point in the Park, providing views of the surrounding landscapes as well as a quiet and often secluded experience in the midst of an otherwise busy section of the Park. The overlook includes rustic seating along with more-typical park benches and encompasses a small lawn. Families and school groups use the overlook frequently for gathering, picnics, and games, while the winding path up the hill invites exploration. On either side of this hill are three playgrounds: Diana Ross Playground (West 81st Street), Mariners’ Playground (West 85th Street), and Spector Playground (West 86th Street), which make this area a popular destination for play. The hilly ground and dense plantings that define this landscape contribute to the perceived separation between these playgrounds that exists despite their close proximity. To the east is the Great Lawn landscape.