The Dene

The area known as the Dene is a quintessential Central Park landscape. Defined by rolling hills, shaded paths, and large rock outcroppings, it creates the strong impression of being removed from the urban environment. Located on the highest of these hills is a rustic summerhouse that provides both seclusion and views. Between this rocky hill and the path leading from the East 67th Street entrance is the Billy Johnson Playground. Typical park use by children in this area includes climbing and exploring the rocks and hills and visiting the bronze statue of Balto, the heroic Siberian Husky who stands prominently at attention on one of the outcroppings. Moving north, the topography changes, leveling out at the East Green, a small lawn often used for family gatherings and unstructured recreation. The East 72nd Street Playground is located across from the East Green, just to the south of the Park entrance.