The Met Museum Landscape

The Metropolitan Museum of Art occupies the eastern edge of the Park along Fifth Avenue from 80th to 84th Street. On either side of the Museum are two playgrounds: Pat Hoffman Friedman Playground (East 79th Street) to the south, and the Ancient Playground (East 85th Street) to the north. The presence of the Museum isolates these two playgrounds; visitors generally leave the Park to go from one to another. The transverse roads at 79th and 85th Streets further disconnect the playgrounds from the Park.

Despite this physical isolation, both the playgrounds and the adjacent landscapes are very popular. The small lawns surrounding the museum are frequently used by school groups and families, many of whom are in the area to visit the museum. Across the drive is a long stretch of lawn popular for gathering and sunbathing. Just to the west are the Pinetum and Great Lawn landscapes.