West 60s Landscape

On a hill north of the West 67th Street entrance and Tavern on the Green are two playgrounds in close proximity to one another: Adventure Playground and Tots Playground. Adventure Playground was built between 1935 and 1936 as part of the perimeter playground system. Tots Playground was built in 1956, after the destruction of landscape to create a parking lot sparked a protest by local parents. As a concession to them, the Parks Department created a new playground.

Set among tall shade trees and slightly elevated, the playgrounds feel somewhat secluded from their surroundings, a busy area which includes many significant park destinations and opportunities for play. Across the West Drive from the playgrounds is the Sheep Meadow, to the northeast is the Lake, and to the southeast is the Children’s District. Tavern on the Green, just south of the playgrounds, is currently being renovated.