West 90s Landscape

Similar to the West 80s landscape, this region includes three playgrounds in close proximity to one another: Safari Playground (West 91st Street), Wild West Playground (West 93rd Street), and Rudin Playground (West 96th Street). All three are close to Central Park West, but Safari and Wild West seem somewhat less so because of large trees inside and surrounding the playgrounds. The Rudin Playground is less integrated with the Park, as it is located on an island between the lanes of the 97th Street Transverse Road (similar to Ancient Playground at East 85th Street). Several small lawn areas near the playgrounds, the largest of which is just outside Wild West Playground, are heavily used by children and their caregivers. Numerous rock outcroppings, winding paths, and low, rolling hills invite climbing and exploration. Nearby destinations include the Reservoir, the Tennis Courts, and the North Meadow.