West 110th Street Playground

The playground was originally built between 1935 and 1936 as part of the perimeter playground system. In 1992, the Conservancy completed a limited scope renovation, which included the installation of new post-and-platform equipment, swings, and a water-spray feature. In addition to upgrading the facility, the goal of this project was to enliven an underused part of the Park. In 2006, the playground was completely reconstructed for the first time in seventy years. The new design highlights the playground’s setting within a valley in the Park, bounded on one side by dramatically large rock outcroppings, and surrounded by mature canopy trees.

Reconstruction Highlights:

• The footprint of the playground was redesigned as three circular play zones, which define distinct areas that cater to different age groups while creating an undulating edge that blurs the line between the landscape and the play environment.
• The existing seven-foot-high steel picket fence was replaced with a lower fence, and perimeter plantings were enhanced to reinforce the connection with the park landscape.
• Undulating, poured-in-place safety surfacing was installed, adding dimension to the play experience.
• New play equipment was installed, including swings, climbers, and spinners in colors and finishes chosen to harmonize with the Park landscape.
• A new water feature with a variety of spray effects, centrally located between the different play areas, was added.